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The Nairobi Report is a post-crisis story set in 2017 in Kenya. In 2014, there was an outbreak of a rare disease called Q-Fever in Nairobi. It was an outbreak so severe that it caused the death of 700,000 people and the subsequent quarantine and evacuation of Nairobi. The unusual circumstances of the outbreak (including the fact that Q-fever is not a disease found in tropical regions) led this outbreak and evacuation to be labeled ‘The Nairobi Occurrence’, sensationalized by the media as a deliberate conspiracy but regarded by the medical and political community as an unfortunate natural occurrence. Kenya’s capital city functions were moved to Mombasa and most of the displaced from Nairobi established homes in surrounding towns.

Mali Livasi is one such displaced, although he and his family were fortunate enough to have left Nairobi before the Nairobi Occurrence, and hence establish a comfortable life outside Nairobi before the evacuation. Just out of university, Mali is determined to grow out of the party lifestyle he led as a student, and struggling to pay a debt that he owes shrewd money lender Kazira. Kazira and his goons are Mali’s biggest problem- until he comes across a file implicating his parents, Doctors Jacob and Marita Livasi, in the deliberate spread of Q-Fever in Nairobi. Convinced that his parents, along with media owner Ezekiel Babu are guilty of mass murder by spreading Q-Fever, Mali is compelled to put up a fight against the perpetrators of the Nairobi Occurrence- and to take a stand for his city, Nairobi. 



Isaac Moturi, after living as a fugitive for a year, makes the decision to hand himself over to the law and return to his family but an unexpected fate awaits him... 

This version: 
 Draft 2, 10 Pages 
An original screenplay by Loi Awat ©


  1. Awesome work on the scrip Loi. I still read the Torn scrip you helped us make.

  2. Hi Loi,

    This is a very good script. Very captivating and different. The idea I get is that the police are a corrupt lot and that they were ordered to kill Turi before he could stand trial.
    I would suggest preparing us a little bit more for the last scene by introducing the police's search for Turi. Or better yet portraying that they had pretentiously 'intended' to get him before a jury before the scene where they shoot him instead.
    The flashback dialogue was a little off though, it lacks the humourous effect it was supposed to create.
    Otherwise everything else makes it a spot on contender for an award winning short film.