Monday, January 21, 2013

My New Colossal Page That Will Inevitably Change The World And Its Environs...

Today, I’m publishing a new page on this blog, and it will be colossal! I don't normally promise that the things I do will be colossal, but I have a feeling about this one :)
My new page is under the new tab, Scripts, and on it I will publish scripts that I have written and which I have the permission to share. I think this is the first effort by a Kenyan screenwriter to share their work with the public, so... Colossal, is all I'm saying... I know I’ll get those “Aren’t you scared of having your idea stolen?” questions, which I will answer with “That’s why the Kenya Copyright Board exists. Duh.”

I started writing scripts before I ever sat in a media class; when I wrote my first script, in fact, I was in a Form 3 Chemistry class seated at the back bench of the Chem Lab in Pangani Girls’. I had no training when I was starting out, but I was able to write a little anyway, and that was only possible because some people somewhere (in USA) were kind enough to share the knowledge that they had on the internet. By reading other people's scripts on sites like Simply Scripts and Daily Script, I had basic information about format, structure, characterization and genres.  At that time, I couldn’t find any Kenyan screenwriter that shares their work online, although I did find published ebooks by novelist Andrew Macharia, which were an inspiration. 
I'm publishing the Scripts page so that I can:

- Share my work so that anyone that would like to sample it will have instant access. It's Generation Y, yawa! 
- Give upcoming Kenyan (East African, even) writers a sample of content written in our own context... for the sake of variety, or something!
-  Get feedback from people so that I can grow as a writer and enhance my style and skills.  It’s hard to put my scripts out there, prime for criticism and attack, but I know I’ll get some helpful feedback.
- Hopefully, my scripts can 'build' someone somewhere, much like the first script that I read, John Singleton's Poetic Justice set me off writing the types of stories that I enjoy.

The first script that I'm publishing is Haven, a script that I wrote in 2010. It was one of the very first scripts I ever wrote, and so far a lot of people have read it and given me feedback; I've been told mostly that the dialog is a little weak and the ending is abrupt... otherwise, feel free to leave me feedback! 


  1. We shall definitely give you feedback! And please keep writing :-)

  2. Ah, what the deal? I was settling in for a good read when it ended just like that! I'll send you feedback via email.