Saturday, May 12, 2012

DAYSTAR FILM-WEEK REVIEW - Guest post by film enthusiast Felix Brian Onyango

I walked into the ICT theatre with my head held up high on Monday morning of February 27th 2012 around 10 o’clock. My interest in the film week had been roused by the thorough publicity that had been employed on the event by my dear friends; Shiro, Debra and Miss Beverly. For me, being at the event was more of moral support if not for the love of films.
The event kicked off to low-key reception at 11:00 am, Three hours behind schedule. This was attributed to the fact that it was a Monday morning and students still had class. I tried as much as possible to indulge my interest in the event as we waited for more people to trickle in the ICT theatre.

Former CADS chairlady AnnDebra Wanjiku
We were served with tea and mandazi by none other than the Communication Association of Daystar Students (CADS) Chairperson  Debra Wanjiku at the entrance as we entered into the theatre. At exactly 12 noon Laka Nyagah, the Chairperson of Daystar film-makers took to the podium and invited everybody to the event and gave a short history on how they came up with the concept of having a film week. He narrated how as a freshman he got to act in his first film a Daystar production with the COM 408, Advanced Video Production class of January 2009 with the likes of Guantai Benson,Joy Obuya and Julius who are now  executives of Iris Production house. I was humbled with the nostalgic memory lane his story took as he recalled how he acted alongside myself in his first film even mentioning my name while I was sitted in the audience.
Now four years later, he was doing the same Advanced Video Production class not as an actor but a producer and orienting film lovers into the film industry in Daystar. For a moment I thought the person who was standing on the podium could have been me had I taken the path to pursue film making industriously like he did. But did I? Four years after being exposed to film making and acting in my first film, my life had taken a different path in campus. I had gotten got into student politics, student Radio and Public Relations.Is it too late to rediscover my interest in film? That question lingered on my mind as I left the room that afternoon for my afternoon class. To do that I decided to engage myself in the film week by coming to the ICT theatre every single day of the week for the remaining four days to rediscover what I had lost, my passion for films.

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